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Here you will find a list of publications produced outwith the Branch.
In some cases details can be found by clicking on the relevant title

New Stock
The Grove Collection, Volume 1 Ewan Galloway 10.003
The Grove Collection, Volume 2 Ewan Galloway 10.002
Ship Ahoy - Booklet of 5 Seafaring Country Dances with accompanying CD Ewan Galloway 10.003
Miss Milligan's Miscellany, Part 4 DuK in association with RSCDS 4.201
Other CDs ** 5 or more Copies
Crossing Borders Chris, Julie and Nick Dewhuest 12.501 Copies
None So Pretty The Berkeley Scottish Players 14.005 Copies
Gie Us Tullochgorum Tullochgorum 14.004 Copies
Shining Lights Tullochgorum 14.003 Copies
A Camp of Pleasure The Berkeley Scottish Players 14.002 Copies
Muckle Carfuffle The Carfuffle Ceilidh Band 14.002 Copies
RSCDS Book 7 - Music for Book7 Plus 2 Dances for 2009 David Cunningham and his Scottish Dance Band 13.002 Copies
RSCDS Book 9 - Music for 12 Scottish Country Dances
plus 4 Dances 2008 and 2 dances for Eileen Watt
Lindsay Weir and her Scottish Dance Band
Liam Stewart and his Scottish Dance Band
12.001 Copies
RSCDS Book 15 - Music for Twelve Traditional Dances Neil Barron and his Scottish Dance Band 9.001 Copy
RSCDS Book 20 - Music for Twelve Scottish Country Dances Nicol McLaren and The Glencraig Scottish Dance Band 9.001 Copies
RSCDS Book 27 - Music for 12Scottish Country Dances Frank Thomson and his Scottish Dance Band 9.003 Copies
RSCDS - Music for A Second Graded Book of Scottish Country Dances Luke Brady and his Band
Andrew Lyon and his Band
IanMuir and his Band
18.001 Copy
RSCDS - The Diamond Jubilee Year Frank Thomson and his Scottish Dance Band 14.302 Copies
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