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SOUTH WALES Branch of the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society
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Here you will find a list of publications produced outwith the Branch.

Other Dance Books and Leaflets** 5 or more Copies
Amisfield DancesWilliam Williamson 10.002 Copy
Aurora 20 th Anniversary 3.001 Copy
Belfast Diamond Anniversary 5.001 Copy
Beyond The Black Stump- 16 S C Dances For Children Sheila A Gradon 3.00**
Birmingham Diamond Birmingham Branch 7.001 Copy
A Book of Seven (plus 2) Scottish Country Dances Edited by Paul Bond 2.001 Copy
Border Book [Second Hand] 3.001 Copy
Cathkin Collection10 Dances Devised by Alasdair Brown 6.002 Copy
22Scottish Country Dances James Cosh 4.00**
Cotswold Gateway Book of Six Scottish Dances Frank Coutts 2.001 Copy
The Craigievar Book of Scottish Dances Bill Forbes 2.001 Copy
The Third Craigievar Book of Scottish Dances Bill Forbes 2.001 Copy
Dalnair Collection10 Dances Devised by Alasdair Brown 6.001 Copy
Dunedin Dances - Book 6 18 Scottish Country Dances by Dunedin Dancers 4.003 Copies
Friendship Book of Scottish Dances G Swirles 1.004 Copies
The Grampian Collection of Scottish Country Dances Jack McConachie 3.00**
Great Dances for The Success Ulla Stern 2.201 Copy
In Celebration of Dance Kent W Smith 3.004 Copies
Leicester Silver Anniversary book of Dances Leicester RSCDS 2.001 Copy
The Queen Collection Vol 1 David Queen 3.60**
Quick Scotch Book of Records Quick Scotch Dance Group 5.00**
Scottish Country Dances in Diagrams - 9th Edition 7.001 Copy
Third Sheaf Collection RSCDS Sheffield Branch 7.001 Copy
RSCDS Leaflet 32 1.001 Copies
RSCDS Book 41
RSCDS Book 44
RSCDS Book 45
RSCDS Diamond Jubilee Collection
4.45 1 Copy
2 Copies
7 Copies
3 Copies
RSCDS Book 30
RSCDS Book 38
RSCDS Book 39
3.001 Copy
2 Copies
1 Copy
RSCDS Combined Books 7-12
RSCDS Combined Books 19-24
RSCDS Combined Books 25-30
14.001 Copy
2 Copies
2 Copy
McNab Dances - Vol 2 10.001 Copy

Roll Back The CarpetHugh Foss3.005 Copies
An Album For Mrs StewatAlastair MacFadyen6.002 Copies
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John Drewry 4.001 Copy Designs for Knitting Kilt Hose and Knickerbocker Stockings Collected by Victoria Gainford3.001 Copy-->