Programs for Forthcoming Events in South Wales

This information is provided as a guide only. Full Details should be obtained from the appropriate Secretary.

St Andrews Scottish Country Dance Society, Swansea
June Social Dance
15th June 2024 * * * * * 6.30 9.30 pm
Scout and Guide HQ, Bryn Rd., Swansea SA2 0AU
Ecclefechan Feline
The Saltire Society Reel
Butterscotch and Honey
Toast to the Mousies
St Columba's Strathspey
Muirland Willie
The Dream Catcher
Fisherman’s Reel
Gaelforce Wind
Sunset over Connel Bridge
A Trip to Bavaria
Father Connelly’s Jig
City of Belfast
The Black Bear
The Aviator
Extra: The Rutland Reel
Any dance may be recapped on request
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Updated 03/06/2024
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Secretary: A Jackson

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